Monday, August 17, 2009

Youth Baseball Leadership

If you have a chance to look deep in the back pockets of the Woburn Extra Innings website, you may find a link to an interesting new project - The Stable Baseball Academy.

Kudos to Jonathan Pollard for including a large community services component in their curriculum to develop "scholarship worthy" student-athlete. The leadership skills young student-athletes develop by community development activities are so valuable, that youth baseball everywhere would do well to always include a considerable community service component.

Here we have emulated the Player Profile section of The Stable website, in our own effort to record, organize and work toward scholarship worthy profile information.

Basic Player Information

Player: Seamus
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 68 lbs.
Age: 9 on April 30, 2010
Class: 2018
Bats: Both
Throws: Right
Positions: RHP - C - SS - 3B
Velocity Fastball:
Velocity Curveball:
Velocity Changeup:
Velocity CutFastball:
Avg. K/Inning: 2
Long Distance Throw: 32 yards
Catching Pop.
60 Yard Dash:
40 Yard Dash:
Home - 1B Run:
Favorite Baseball Player:
Favorite Television Show:

Athletic Achievements

"Silver Slugger" Team's Best Hitter Award - Arlington AA Baseball Orioles 2008
Game Ball 5/9/09 - Hit 3 triples - 6 RBI - Arlington AA Baseball Orioles 2009
Game Ball 8/09 - Struck out 5 in 2 Innings Pitched - Woburn Bulls Baseball 2009

Coach David Evaluation

Seamus is a hard throwing pitcher who has already mixed four different pitches into baseball game play. Seamus currently throws a fastball, change up, 12/6 curve ball and a cut fastball.

Seamus has a strong arm and is a good athlete. As a catcher, Seamus will continue to develop his blocking skills, and will continue to work on making the throw to second base.

As a shortstop, Seamus may continue to add leadership to his solid shortstop play and should become more vocal on the infield.

At the plate, Seamus should continue to drive the ball to the outfield. Seamus may improve his sacrifice bunting and his hitting to the opposite field. Seamus will continue to improve his left-handed hitting, and should switch hit on some kind of a regular basis.

Community Involvement Activities

Raised $135 for the Woburn Bulls team fund raising effort for The Jimmy Fund Pediatric Cancer Research Center with an advert on Seamus' Baseball Blog.

Posted photo and link to Volunteer Opportunities at The Pine Street Inn Homeless Shelter in Boston, Massachusetts on the Seamus Baseball Blog.

Seamus is brother to older sister Hannah (10).