Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baseball and How Seamus Lost His First Tooth

The Tooth Ball

By Seamus

One day in 2007 I had my first loose tooth. My sister was in the Arlington town league AA and she was on the Astros. I was too young to be in AA so I was on a tee-ball team called the hooks. My Dad and I went to my sister’s game to watch.

At the game we decided to play catch as we were watching the game. Dad made a perfect throw to me but it missed my glove and it hit my mouth right on my loose tooth. I reached inside my mouth and grabbed my tooth .

Usually I would be happy that I lost my first tooth but it was painful this time. Later in the day we went home and put the tooth in a ziplock bag, and later I got a mini-treasure box from the dentist for a tooth.

To this day we keep the “Tooth” ball and the treasure box with my tooth in it in a plastic box on the shelf.