Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coach Equipment Review - Hit A Way PTS

by Coach David Barrett(Part one of three)

My first impression with the HitAWay PTS by Sklz Baseball was basically complete surprise.

I'm a pretty savvy consumer and I had checked out the HitAWay PTS on the website videos and even at the local Sports Authority store before I had a chance to do this blog review, and I thought I had a pretty good idea about this training device.

However after helping Seamus lift the box into the house and unpacking the box, I was nearly shocked to learn that the HitAWay PTS is actually a rather heavy-duty piece of training equipment. It is amazingly solid, with a very steady platform and very solid construction.

PTS stands for "portable training station" and with its folding action the HitAWay PTS is also easily portable. It won't fit in a backpack, but between the bat bag, the ball bucket and the bag with catcher's gear, my car trunk has a lot of gear in it already on game day or on the way to baseball practice.

Adding the HitAWay PTS isn't any trouble at all, and I plan to bring it along to all of the team practices and games.

(To be continued.)

Check out Seamus' blog post on the SKLZ HitAWay PTS.