Friday, December 25, 2009

Grip n' Rip Club Savings Add Up

By David

As the parent of a young baseball player, I know that the opportunities for baseball workouts, coaching sessions, travel teams, and various baseball-related events are endless.

One great way to stretch the baseball budget is to become a member of the Grip n' Rip Club. At first I wasn't sure if the savings would be noticeable, but every time we went to the batting cages at Woburn Extra Innings (indoor baseball facility) we got 18 tokens for only $10 (instead of 10).

I'd say I use the Grip n' Rip Club card at least once a week, and the savings really add up. In addition, every sign up results in a donation to "Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids" to raise money for children's charities.

Parents, I'd say get your 2010 Grip n' Rip Club Membership today!

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