Sunday, December 27, 2009

SPARQ Baseball Training

By David

The "SPARQ" training and assessment program developed by Nike seems to be catching on for baseball players at all levels, so I was pleased when Santa brought me the Jimmy Rollins SPARQ Baseball Training DVD this year.

Although Seamus has a few years until high school baseball, having some time to work with him now so that he can effectively learn the exercises seems to be a great way to get started. Of course he will enjoy the game of baseball more as his enhanced speed, agility and strength allow him to perform at a higher level.

I give the Jimmy Rollins SPARQ Baseball DVD a very positive review. The DVD is easy to navigate, and it is really full of many more drills than I expected. There are diagrams that coaches can use to set up the exercises in addition to the video demonstrations, which is really helpful.

I'm pleased to find "next generation" speed and strength training that has been developed specifically for baseball. Training seems to have come a long way since I was a college player (1989) - when weightlifting for baseball players was controversial itself, and when workouts mostly utilized only running laps and traditional weightlifting exercises.

Click here to find the SPARQ Baseball testing protocols.