Monday, January 11, 2010

Seamus Joins Boston U18 Sports Blog

From the Boston Sports U18 Blog, Blogger Profiles:

Seamus Barrett is a 9-year old who attends Bishop Elementary School in Arlington, MA. He enjoys playing soccer and is a dedicated baseball player who plays pitcher, catcher and middle infield. Seamus and his father maintain “Seamus’ Baseball Blog” at www.SeamusBaseball.blogspot.com and he looks forward to contributing baseball articles to Boston Sports U18. Seamus’ favorite baseball teams are the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs, and the Colorado Rockies, and he collects all kinds of baseball caps. Seamus can be found on Twitter @StrongBaseball and reached via email at Beep123Beep@gmail.com.

Seamus Blogging in "Kid Tested"

Training Videos on Boston U18 Sports Blog

Look for upcoming articles and interviews.